Nike Collaboration, 2017

For this installation of 9 unique Air Max sneaker concepts, Ava Nirui and Alex Lee explore technology, innovation, and the future in ways that are true to their respective styles of design and open-minded thinking. Ava is a creative from Australia living in NYC for the past 4 years. Alex is a photographer and designer who's been here for 5 years. The two have collaborated on projects in the past that similarly combine fashion, art, and the re-imagination of everyday objects.Much of the project is focused on using "primitive" technology to give sneakers new functions, or to touch on what's happening around us. Nirui and Lee share a sense of dark humor and a cleverness in reworking old ideas to address the present and the future it could birth. By imagining the years to come in terms of the political and social climate, rather than technologically, they explore how we can survive a potentially darker future. Other concepts are just plain clever, including play on the meaning of "Air".Mock advertisements for each concept, designed as odes to classic Air Max ads—with punchy verbiage to match—reveal that behind every unique pair of sneakers is an awareness that, even if times are bleak, it's all in good fun. Nirui and Lee like to touch on issues in a way that doesn't take itself too seriously."


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